This volume explores innovations in journalism: the goals and expectations associated with them, promoting and hindering framework conditions, and their social and industrial impact.

Drawing on an international research project conducted in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, and the United Kingdom, the book takes a complex approach, considering media policy preconditions and the social impact of journalistic innovation from a comparative perspective. The key findings are examined and presented on different levels: theoretical, methodological, and – as the focus – empirical.

Having identified the most relevant innovations in each of the five countries, a total of 100 case studies are examined to explore the influence of these innovations on the quality of journalism and its normative role in democratic societies and to analyze which preconditions support or inhibit the development and implementation of the innovations in news organizations. The interdependencies between journalistic innovations and their media policy preconditions are compared in a system-analytical way – concluding with the lessons that can be learned from the macrolevel (policies) and the mesolevel (organizations).

This insightful and truly international volume will interest professionals, scholars and students of journalism, media and communication studies, media industry studies, and related fields.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives (CC-BY-NC-ND) 4.0 license.

part I|14 pages

Theoretical framework

chapter 1|12 pages

Innovations in journalism in democratic societies

Theoretical concepts, definitions, and preconditions
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part II|15 pages

Methodological approach

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part III|64 pages

National framework conditions for innovation in journalism

chapter 3|12 pages

Country report Austria

Difficult departure from the comfort zone
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chapter 4|12 pages

Country report Germany

The media system as a brake on journalistic innovation development
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chapter 5|13 pages

Country report Spain

Surfing the waves of crises – Spain's framework conditions for innovations in journalism
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chapter 6|12 pages

Country report Switzerland

Caught between financial pressure, audience expectations, and political ideology
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chapter 7|13 pages

Country report United Kingdom

Dead end street? The United Kingdom's framework conditions for innovations in journalism
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part IV|150 pages

The most relevant innovations in journalism from a comparative perspective

chapter 8|8 pages

AI and automation

A key task for the present and future
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chapter 9|9 pages

Collaborative-investigative journalism

From the “lonely wolf” to the “power of the pack”
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chapter 10|8 pages

Data journalism

From a niche competence to a key feature
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chapter 11|9 pages

Diversity and inclusion

“Difference matters”
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chapter 12|9 pages

Engagement on the basis of data

Tracing users' behaviors to optimize journalistic offers
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chapter 13|9 pages

New organizational forms and teams

Changing minds to modify the newsroom
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chapter 14|9 pages

Paywalls and paid content

No entry for free: the introduction of paywall models to monetize online journalism
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chapter 15|9 pages

News on social media

An innovation dilemma in the race of uncertainty
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chapter 16|7 pages


Provider of in-depth journalistic information
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chapter 17|8 pages

Citizen participation

On the way from the audience to the community in European news media
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chapter 18|9 pages

Mobile/live journalism

The impact of the small screen and breaking news on media organization and production
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chapter 19|9 pages

New digital storytelling

Innovative narratives that make a difference
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chapter 20|8 pages

Remote media work

Hybrid formulas for journalistic daily routines
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chapter 21|7 pages

Donations and crowdfunding

New strategies for financing (investigative) journalism
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chapter 22|8 pages


Strengthening democracy through verifying
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chapter 23|7 pages

Media labs

Agents of innovation
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chapter 24|7 pages

Membership models

Quality journalism? Pay up, please
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chapter 25|8 pages


The renaissance of a valuable product to reach the audience
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part V|18 pages

Journalistic innovations and their socio-political framework conditions: a five-country comparison

chapter 26|16 pages

Media systems on the meta-level of change

How economy, tech development, and media policy create the framework for innovation in journalism
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part VI|42 pages

Conclusions and recommendations

chapter 29|16 pages

Deepening the theory of innovation in journalism

Impact on the industry, the quality, and the function of journalism in democracy
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