Much has been written about China’s economy, as well as its business management system. China's Global Political Economy, however, is designed to bring together these two perspectives, serving to enhance our understanding of China’s growing global role.

Examining changes in the management strategies of foreign companies investing in China and Chinese enterprises doing business overseas, this book analyses China’s political economy in the context of the Communist Party’s changing policies. The introductory section begins by studying the aspects of Chinese economic growth as it impacts on domestic social issues and the projection of Chinese power abroad. Within this overall framework, it then goes on to critically assess the effects of foreign investment, business management strategies, human resource management, corporate social responsibility and the financial services sector. Arguing that the encouragement of consumption is a significant objective of the Chinese leadership, the last section is concerned with the importance of the food industry.

This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Chinese business, management and international political economy, as well as policymakers and business practitioners.

chapter 1|12 pages

Introduction and overview

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part 1|82 pages

Political economy

chapter 2|16 pages

China's ‘new normal' growth trajectory

Regional and global implications
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chapter 3|24 pages

Origins and dimensions of the Belt and Road Initiative

Experimental patch-work or grand strategy?
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chapter 4|18 pages

Urban-rural differences in social policies

The case of the hukou system in China
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chapter 5|22 pages

Changing role of leadership and impact of social media

A case study of public officials in Lanzhou City, China
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part 2|108 pages

Inward and outward FDI

chapter 6|30 pages

Chinese outward foreign direct investment

Strategies for international development
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chapter 7|22 pages

Chinese companies Go Global

The case of Chinese investments in France
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chapter 8|19 pages

Chinese firms in France

Investment motives and related top manager staffing practices
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chapter 10|26 pages

The corporate social responsibility strategy of a French multinational

A global and local approach in China
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part 3|88 pages

Services and consumption

chapter 11|18 pages

The PER and PBR in China

Where do we stand?
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chapter 13|25 pages

Food security, food safety and pesticides

China and the EU compared 1
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