Translation is in motion. Technological developments, digitalisation and globalisation are among the many factors affecting and changing translation and, with it, translation studies. Moving Boundaries in Translation Studies offers a bird’s-eye view of recent developments and discusses their implications for the boundaries of the discipline. With 15 chapters written by leading translation scholars from around the world, the book analyses new translation phenomena, new practices and tools, new forms of organisation, new concepts and names as well as new scholarly approaches and methods. This is key reading for scholars, researchers and advanced students of translation and interpreting studies.

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chapter |11 pages

Moving Boundaries in Translation Studies

ByHelle V. Dam, Matilde Nisbeth Brøgger, Karen Korning Zethsen
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chapter 1|14 pages

Moving Conceptual Boundaries: So what?

ByAndrew Chesterman
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chapter 2|19 pages

Localisation Research in Translation Studies

Expanding the limits or blurring the lines?
ByMiguel A. Jiménez-Crespo
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chapter 3|19 pages

Moving Boundaries in Interpreting

ByFranz Pöchhacker
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chapter 4|17 pages

Moving Translation, Revision, and Post-Editing Boundaries

ByArnt Lykke Jakobsen
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chapter 5|17 pages

Moving Towards Personalising Translation Technology

BySharon O’Brien, Owen Conlan
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chapter 6|15 pages

Mapping Translation Blog Networks and Communities

ByJulie McDonough Dolmaya
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chapter 7|19 pages

Professional vs Non-Professional?

How boundary work shapes research agendas in translation and interpreting studies
ByNadja Grbić, Pekka Kujamäki
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chapter 8|19 pages

Ergonomics of Translation

Methodological, practical, and educational implications
ByMaureen Ehrensberger-Dow, Riitta Jääskeläinen
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chapter 9|17 pages

From Binaries to Borders

Literary and non-literary translation
ByMargaret Rogers
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chapter 10|13 pages

Challenging the Boundaries of Translation and Filling the Gaps in Translation History

Two cases of intralingual translation from the 19th-century Ottoman literary scene
ByÖzlem Berk Albachten
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chapter 11|19 pages

Translanguaging and Translation Pedagogies

BySara Laviosa
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chapter 12|20 pages

Professionals' Views on the Concepts of their Trade

What is (not) translation?
ByHelle V. Dam, Karen Korning Zethsen
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chapter 13|11 pages

Bound to Expand

The paradigm of change in translation studies
ByLuc van Doorslaer
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chapter |3 pages

Moving Boundaries in Translation Studies

Insights and prospects
ByHelle V. Dam, Matilde Nisbeth Brøgger, Karen Korning Zethsen
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