The last two decades have seen two significant trends emerging within the philosophy of science: the rapid development and focus on the philosophy of the specialised sciences, and a resurgence of Aristotelian metaphysics, much of which is concerned with the possibility of emergence, as well as the ontological status and indispensability of dispositions and powers in science. Despite these recent trends, few Aristotelian metaphysicians have engaged directly with the philosophy of the specialised sciences. Additionally, the relationship between fundamental Aristotelian concepts—such as "hylomorphism", "substance", and "faculties"—and contemporary science has yet to receive a critical and systematic treatment. Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Contemporary Science aims to fill this gap in the literature by bringing together essays on the relationship between Aristotelianism and science that cut across interdisciplinary boundaries. The chapters in this volume are divided into two main sections covering the philosophy of physics and the philosophy of the life sciences. Featuring original contributions from distinguished and early-career scholars, this book will be of interest to specialists in analytical metaphysics and the philosophy of science.

chapter |11 pages


Reflections on Contemporary Science and the New Aristotelianism
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part 1|154 pages

The Philosophy of Physics

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chapter 3|43 pages

The Many Worlds Interpretation of QM

A Hylomorphic Critique and Alternative 1
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chapter 5|23 pages

Half-Baked Humeanism

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chapter 6|20 pages

Disentangling Nature’s Joints

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part 2|160 pages

The Philosophy of the Life Sciences

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chapter 9|23 pages

The Great Unifier

Form and the Unity of the Organism
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