African sexualities are dynamic, multi-faceted and resilient. However, people with non-heterosexual sexualities and gender variant identities are often involved in struggles for survival, self-definition, and erotic rights.

Queer in Africa forms an entry point for understanding the vulnerabilities of queer Africans as shaped by social, cultural and political processes, aiming to provide innovative insights about contentious disagreements over their lives. The volume mediates Southern and Northern scholarship, directing attention toward African-centred beliefs made accessible to a wide audience. Key concerns such as identity construction and the intersections between different social forces (such as nationalist traditionalism and sexualities) are addressed via engaging chapters; some empirically based and others providing critical cultural analysis.

Highly interdisciplinary in nature, Queer in Africa provides a key resource for students, academics, and activists concerned with the international support of sex and gender diversity. It will appeal to those interested in fields such as anthropology, film studies, literary studies, political science, public health, sociology, and socio-legal studies.

chapter |16 pages


ByVasu Reddy, Surya Monro, Zethu Matebeni
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part |64 pages

African studies

chapter 1|21 pages

The human and the non-human

African sexuality debate and symbolisms of transgression
BySenayon Olaoluwa
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chapter 2|20 pages

Creaturely lives and sexual exposure in African prison writing

ByTaiwo Adetunji Osinubi
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chapter 3|20 pages

‘She who creates havoc is here’

A queer bisexual reading of sexuality, dance, and social critique in Karmen Geï 1
ByCheryl Stobie
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part |51 pages

Moving beyond and between identity categories

chapter 4|15 pages

Beyond identity

Queer affiliation and the politics of solidarity in Gordimer’s None to Accompany Me and Duiker’s The Quiet Violence of Dreams
ByDerrick Higginbotham
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chapter 5|15 pages

‘Queer/white’ in South Africa

A troubling oxymoron?
ByJane Bennett
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chapter 6|18 pages

Practices of non-heterosexual masculinities among MSM in Nigeria

ByAbisola Balogun, Paul Bissell
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part |63 pages

Citizenship, activism, and human rights

chapter 7|22 pages

Lesbian students in the academy

Invisible, assimilated, or ignored?
ByMary Hames
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chapter 8|20 pages

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ) forced migrants and asylum seekers

Multiple discriminations
ByGuillain Koko, Surya Monro, Kate Smith
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chapter 9|18 pages

Experiences of transgender people in Swaziland

ByVelile Vilane
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