This volume asks and addresses elusive ontological, epistemological, and methodological questions about meetings. What are meetings? What sort of knowledge, identities, and power relationships are produced, performed, communicated, and legitimized through meetings? How do—and how might—ethnographers study meetings as objects, and how might they best conduct research in meetings as particular elements of their field sites? Through contributions from an international group of ethnographers who have conducted “meeting ethnography” in diverse field sites, this volume offers both theoretical insight and methodological guidance into the study of this most ubiquitous ritual.

chapter |23 pages

Introduction: Exploring the Boring

An Introduction to Meeting Ethnography
ByJen Sandler, Renita Thedvall
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chapter 1|22 pages

Mapping International Development Relations through Meeting Ethnography

ByNancy Kendall, Rachel Silver
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chapter 2|23 pages

Learning to Meet (or How to Talk to Chairs)

BySimone Abram
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chapter 3|19 pages

Argentinean Asamblea Meetings as Assemblage

Presence in Emergence
BySusann Baez Ullberg, Karin Skill
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chapter 4|18 pages

How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Meetings

On the Value of Recognizing the Limits of Meeting Ethnography for Community Studies 1
ByJaponica Brown-Saracino, Meaghan Stiman
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chapter 5|20 pages

Meetings All the Way Through

United States Broad-based Reform Coalitions and the Thickening of American Democracy
ByJen Sandler
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chapter 6|17 pages

Small Places, Big Stakes

Meetings as Moments of Ethnographic Momentum
ByChristina Garsten, Adrienne Sörbom
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chapter 7|15 pages

Meeting to Improve

Lean[ing] Swedish Public Preschools
ByRenita Thedvall
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chapter |21 pages

Conclusion: The Meeting and the Mirror

ByHelen B. Schwartzman
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