Queer Methods and Methodologies provides the first systematic consideration of the implications of a queer perspective in the pursuit of social scientific research. This volume grapples with key contemporary questions regarding the methodological implications for social science research undertaken from diverse queer perspectives, and explores the limitations and potentials of queer engagements with social science research techniques and methodologies. With contributors based in the UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia, this truly international volume will appeal to anyone pursuing research at the intersections between social scientific research and queer perspectives, as well as those engaging with methodological considerations in social science research more broadly.

chapter |24 pages

Queer Methods and Methodologies

An Introduction
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chapter 1|16 pages

Queer in the Field

On Emotions, Temporality and Performativity in Ethnography 1
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chapter 2|14 pages

Intimacy with Strangers/Intimacy with Self

Queer Experiences of Social Research 1
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chapter 3|14 pages

Brown, Queer and Gendered

Queering the Latina/o ‘Street-Scapes' in Los Angeles.
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chapter 4|16 pages

The ‘Outness' of Queer

Class and Sexual Intersections
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chapter 5|12 pages

Queer Methods and Queer Practices

Re-examining the Identities of Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Adults
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chapter 6|16 pages

Queer(ing) Communication in Research Relationships

A Conversation about Subjectivities, Methodologies and Ethics 1
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chapter 7|16 pages

The Trouble with Fieldwork

Queering Methodologies
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chapter 8|14 pages

Queer Conversations

Old-time Lesbians, Transmen and the Politics of Queer Research
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chapter 9|24 pages

Femme on Femme

Reflections on Collaborative Methods and Queer Femme-inist Ethnography 1
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chapter 10|16 pages

Queer(y)ing the Ethics of Research Methods

Toward a Politics of Intimacy in Researcher/Researched Relations
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chapter 11|12 pages

Method Matters

Ethnography and Materiality
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chapter 13|16 pages

Queer Techne

Two Theses on Methodology and Queer Studies 1
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chapter 14|20 pages

Queer Quantification or Queer(y)ing Quantification

Creating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Heterosexual Citizens through Governmental Social Research 1
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