There are many problems regarding poverty, inequality and growth in developing countries in Asia and Africa. Policy makers at the national level and at international institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and others have implemented various policies in order to decrease poverty and inequality. This book provides empirical observations on Asian countries and Africa. Each chapter provides theoretical and empirical analysis on regional case studies with an emphasis on policy implications.

The book will be of use to many who wish to assess and improve policies in developing countries and mitigate poverty and inequality, and stimulate growth, by drawing on relevant empirical research and economic theories. Clearly, there have been numerous policy failures and the book aims to provide a basis for improving policies and outcomes based on relevant empirical observations.

chapter 1|9 pages


ByAtsushi Maki
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chapter 2|34 pages

Are luxury goods really luxuries?

The validity of the Törnqvist-Wold hypothesis
ByAtsushi Maki, Mlemba Abassy Kamwe
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chapter 3|29 pages

Engel's Law in Vietnam and the Philippines

Effects of in-kind consumption on inequality and poverty
ByAtsushi Maki, Satoshi Ohira
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chapter 4|31 pages

Informal agriculture sector in Indonesia

Big in size, small in contribution, and full of the working poor
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chapter 5|24 pages

Effects of remittances on income inequality and poverty in the Philippines

BySatoshi Ohira, Karen Villaquer Firshan
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chapter 6|25 pages

Area disparity of income and expenditure in Sri Lanka

Based on micro-data sets of the Household Income and Expenditure Survey of 2006–2007
ByYasumasa Baba, Yuko Arai, Hiroko Yasui, Kaori Yonezawa
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chapter 7|29 pages

The agricultural sector in Thailand's middle-income stage

BySatoshi Ohira, Atsushi Maki
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chapter 8|29 pages

The possibility of a border economic zone

Asian Golden Quadrangle
BySatoko Okuyama
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chapter 9|27 pages

Development of the fishery systems in modern Taiwan

ByNobutake Koiwa
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chapter 10|5 pages


ByAtsushi Maki
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