Testing in the Professions focuses on current practices in credentialing testing as a guide for practitioners. With a broad focus on the key components, issues, and concerns surrounding the test development and validation process, this book brings together a wide range of research and theory—from design and analysis of tests to security, scoring, and reporting. Written by leading experts in the field of measurement and assessment, each chapter includes authentic examples as to how various practices are implemented or current issues observed in credentialing programs.

The volume begins with an exploration of the various types of credentialing programs as well as key differences in the interpretation and evaluation of test scores. The next set of chapters discusses key test development steps, including test design, content development, analysis, and evaluation. The final set of chapters addresses specific topics that span the testing process, including communication with stakeholders, security, program evaluation, and legal principles. As a response to the growing number of professions and professional designations that are tied to testing requirements, Testing in the Professions is a comprehensive source for up-to-date measurement and credentialing practices.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license.

chapter 1|20 pages


A Continuum of Measurement Theories, Policies, and Practices
ByChad W. Buckendahl
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chapter 2|20 pages

A Validation Framework for Credentialing Tests

ByMichael T. Kane, Brian E. Clauser, Joanne Kane
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chapter 3|23 pages

Test Design

Laying out the Roadmap
BySusan Davis-Becker, Timothy J. Muckle
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chapter 4|21 pages

Specifying the Content of Credentialing Examinations

ByAmanda L. Clauser, Mark Raymond
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chapter 5|20 pages

Content Development and Review

ByCynthia G. Parshall, Belinda Brunner
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chapter 6|18 pages

Estimating, Interpreting, and Maintaining the Meaning of Test Scores

ByWalter D. Way, Kathleen Gialluca
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chapter 7|30 pages

Data and Scale Analysis for Credentialing Examinations

ByRichard M. Luecht
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chapter 8|25 pages

Communication with Candidates and Other Stakeholders

ByEllen R. Julian, Brian Bontempo
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chapter 9|32 pages

Security Issues in Professional Certification/Licensure Testing

ByJames A. Wollack, Gregory J. Cizek
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chapter 10|18 pages

Using Standards to Evaluate Credentialing Programs

ByLawrence J. Fabrey
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chapter 11|49 pages

Legal Issues for Credentialing Examination Programs

ByS. E. Phillips
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