People are using the future to search for better ways to achieve sustainability, inclusiveness, prosperity, well-being and peace. In addition, the way the future is understood and used is changing in almost all domains, from social science to daily life.

This book presents the results of significant research undertaken by UNESCO with a number of partners to detect and define the theory and practice of anticipation around the world today. It uses the concept of ‘Futures Literacy’ as a tool to define the understanding of anticipatory systems and processes – also known as the Discipline of Anticipation. This innovative title explores:

• new topics such as Futures Literacy and the Discipline of Anticipation;

•    the evidence collected from over 30 Futures Literacy Laboratories and presented in 14 full case studies;

• the need and opportunity for significant innovation in human decision-making systems.

This book will be of great interest to scholars, researchers, policy-makers and students, as well as activists working on sustainability issues and innovation, future studies and anticipation studies.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com/books/e/9781351047999, has been made available under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 IGO (CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0 IGO) license.

chapter |12 pages


Futures Literacy: transforming the future
ByRiel Miller
Size: 0.46 MB

part I|79 pages

Discovering anticipation in the 21st century

chapter 1|36 pages

Sensing and making-sense of Futures Literacy

Towards a Futures Literacy Framework (FLF)
ByRiel Miller
Size: 0.31 MB

chapter 2|15 pages

The Discipline of Anticipation

Foundations for Futures Literacy 1
ByRiel Miller, Roberto Poli, Pierre Rossel
Size: 0.10 MB

chapter 3|26 pages

Towards a formal framework for describing collective intelligence knowledge creation processes that ‘use-the-future’

ByAndrée Ehresmann, Ilkka Tuomi, Riel Miller, Mathias Béjean, Jean-Paul Vanbremeersch
Size: 0.26 MB

part II|137 pages

Futures Literacy Laboratories

chapter 4|15 pages

Futures Literacy Laboratories (FLL) in practice

An overview of key design and implementation issues
ByRiel Miller
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chapter 5|120 pages

The Futures Literacy Laboratory-Novelty (FLL-N) case studies

Edited ByStefan Bergheim
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part III|37 pages

Parallel and convergent developments

chapter 6|14 pages

Gaming Futures Literacy

The Thing from the Future
ByStuart Candy
Size: 0.33 MB

chapter 7|10 pages

An extended Futures Literacy process

Design lessons from measuring wellbeing
ByStefan Bergheim
Size: 0.12 MB

chapter 8|11 pages

Gender and the future

Reframing and empowerment
ByIvana Milojević
Size: 0.65 MB