This comprehensive guide serves to illuminate the rise and development of FinTech in Sweden, with the Internet as the key underlying driver. The multiple case studies examine topics such as: the adoption of online banking in Sweden; the identification and classification of different FinTech categories; process innovation developments within the traditional banking industry; and the Venture Capital (VC) landscape in Sweden, as shown through interviews with VC representatives, mainly from Sweden but also from the US and Germany, as well as offering insight into the companies that are currently operating in the FinTech arena in Sweden. The authors address questions such as: How will the regulatory landscape shape the future of FinTech companies? What are the factors that will likely drive the adoption of FinTech services in the future? What is the future role of banks in the context of FinTech and digitalization? What are the policies and government initiatives that aim to support the FinTech ecosystem in Sweden? Complex concepts and ideas are rendered in an easily digestible yet thought-provoking way.

The book was initiated by the IIS (the Internet Foundation in Sweden), an independent organization promoting the positive development of the Internet in the country. It is also responsible for the Internet’s Swedish top-level domain .se, including the registration of domain names, and the administration and technical maintenance of the national domain name registry. The book illustrates how Sweden acts (or does not act) as a competitive player in the global FinTech arena, and is a vital addition to students and practitioners in the field.

chapter |18 pages


FinTech and shifting financial system institutions
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part 1|90 pages

New regulations

chapter 1|22 pages

A regulatory innovation framework

How regulatory change leads to innovation outcomes for FinTechs
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chapter 3|19 pages

FinTech in Sweden

Will policymakers’ (in)action nurture or starve its growth?
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part 2|96 pages


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chapter 7|24 pages

Responding to the FinTech challenge

A study of Swedish bank managers’ perceptions of FinTech’s effects on digitalization and customer e-loyalty
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chapter 9|22 pages

Clarifying the blurry lines of FinTech

Opening the Pandora’s box of FinTech categorization 1
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part 3|119 pages

New norms enabled by new technologies and standards

chapter 11|16 pages

Digital traces, ethics, and insight

Data-driven services in FinTech
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chapter 12|15 pages

Digital meetings

Real growth, better funding? An introduction to Swedish crowdfunding
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chapter 15|33 pages


The Internet of Value
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chapter 16|15 pages

How to scale Bitcoin

A payment network that no one controls
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part 4|97 pages

A view of the actors

chapter |10 pages


Implications for actors as institutions evolve
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