Introduction to Gauge Field Theory provides comprehensive coverage of modern relativistic quantum field theory, emphasizing the details of actual calculations rather than the phenomenology of the applications. Forming a foundation in the subject, the book assumes knowledge of relativistic quantum mechanics, but not of quantum field theory. The book

chapter 1|4 pages

Path Integrals

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chapter 3|24 pages

Classical Field Theory

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chapter 4|12 pages

Quantum Field Theory of a Scalar Field

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chapter 5|9 pages

Scattering Amplitudes

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chapter 6|14 pages

Feynman Rules for λφ 4 Theory

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chapter 7|22 pages

Renormalisation of λφ 4 Theory

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chapter 8|14 pages

Quantum Field Theory With Fermions

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chapter 9|6 pages

Gauge Field Theories

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chapter 12|25 pages

QCD and Asymptotic Freedom

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chapter 13|61 pages

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking

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chapter 14|30 pages

Feynman Rules for Electroweak Theory

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chapter 15|38 pages

Renormalisation of Electroweak Theory

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chapter 16|17 pages

Grand Unified Theory

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chapter 17|30 pages

Field Theories At Finite Temperature

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