Window functions—otherwise known as weighting functions, tapering functions, or apodization functions—are mathematical functions that are zero-valued outside the chosen interval. They are well established as a vital part of digital signal processing. Window Functions and their Applications in Signal Processing presents an exhaustive and detailed account of window functions and their applications in signal processing, focusing on the areas of digital spectral analysis, design of FIR filters, pulse compression radar, and speech signal processing.

Comprehensively reviewing previous research and recent developments, this book:

  • Provides suggestions on how to choose a window function for particular applications
  • Discusses Fourier analysis techniques and pitfalls in the computation of the DFT
  • Introduces window functions in the continuous-time and discrete-time domains
  • Considers two implementation strategies of window functions in the time- and frequency domain
  • Explores well-known applications of window functions in the fields of radar, sonar, biomedical signal analysis, audio processing, and synthetic aperture radar

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chapter 2|28 pages

Pitfalls in the Computation of DFT

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chapter 3|41 pages

Review of Window Functions

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chapter 4|15 pages

Performance Comparison of Data Windows

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chapter 7|39 pages

FIR Filter Design Using Windows

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chapter 9|61 pages

Applications of Windows

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