An Introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics familiarizes readers with what is considered tested and accepted and in so doing, gives them a grounding in particle physics in general. Whenever possible, Dr. Mann takes an historical approach showing how the model is linked to the physics that most of us have learned in less challenging ar

chapter 1|22 pages

Introduction and Overview

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chapter 2|22 pages

A Review of Special Relativity

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chapter 3|18 pages


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chapter 4|13 pages

Conservation Laws

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chapter 5|16 pages

Particle Classification

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chapter 6|18 pages

Discrete Symmetries

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chapter 7|24 pages


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chapter 8|26 pages


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chapter 9|18 pages


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chapter 10|21 pages

A Toy Theory

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chapter 11|17 pages

Wave Equations for Elementary Particles

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chapter 12|12 pages

Gauge Invariance

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chapter 13|20 pages

Quantum Electrodynamics

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chapter 14|20 pages

Testing QED

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chapter 15|19 pages

From Nuclei to Quarks

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chapter 16|18 pages

The Quark Model

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chapter 17|22 pages

Testing the Quark Model

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chapter 18|30 pages

Heavy Quarks and QCD

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chapter 19|22 pages

From Beta Decay to Weak Interactions

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chapter 20|16 pages

Charged Leptonic Weak Interactions

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chapter 22|14 pages

Electroweak Unification

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chapter 23|30 pages

Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

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chapter 24|16 pages

Testing Electroweak Theory

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chapter 25|34 pages

Beyond the Standard Model

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