Volume 2 of this revised and updated edition provides an accessible and practical introduction to the two non-Abelian quantum gauge field theories of the Standard Model of particle physics: quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and the Glashow-Salam-Weinberg (GSW) electroweak theory.This volume covers much of the experimental progress made in the last ten y

part Part V|70 pages

Non-Abelian Symmetries

chapter 12|36 pages

Global Non-Abelian Symmetries

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chapter 13|32 pages

Local Non-Abelian (Gauge) Symmetries

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part Part VI|121 pages

QCD and the Renormalization Group

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part Part VII|88 pages

Spontaneously Broken Symmetry

chapter 17|32 pages

Spontaneously Broken Global Symmetry

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chapter 18|28 pages

Chiral Symmetry Breaking

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chapter 19|26 pages

Spontaneously Broken Local Symmetry

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part Part VIII|153 pages

Weak Interactions and the Electroweak Theory

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chapter 21|37 pages

CP Violation and Oscillation Phenomena

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