Suitable for practicing engineers and engineers in training, this book covers the most important operations involving particulate solids. Through clear explanations of theoretical principles and practical laboratory exercises, the text provides an understanding of the behavior of powders and pulverized systems. It also helps readers develop skills for operating, optimizing, and innovating particle processing technologies and machinery in order to carry out industrial operations. The author explores common bulk solids processing operations, including milling, agglomeration, fluidization, mixing, and solid-fluid separation.

part I|175 pages

Characterization of Particulate Systems and Relation to Storage and Conveying

chapter 1|28 pages


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chapter 3|75 pages

Storage and Conveying of Bulk Solids

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part II|103 pages

Bulk Solids Processing

chapter 4|28 pages

Size Reduction

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chapter 5|21 pages

Size Enlargement

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chapter 6|19 pages


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chapter 7|31 pages


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part III|147 pages

Separation Techniques for Particulate Solids

chapter 8|4 pages

Introductory Aspects

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chapter 9|30 pages

Solid Mixtures

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chapter 10|112 pages

Solid—Fluid Systems

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