The field of beam physics touches many areas of physics, engineering, and the sciences. In general terms, beams describe ensembles of particles with initial conditions similar enough to be treated together as a group so that the motion is a weakly nonlinear perturbation of a chosen reference particle. Particle beams are used in a variety of areas,

chapter Chapter 1|30 pages

Beams and Beam Physics

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chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Linear Beam Optics

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chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Fields, Potentials and Equations of Motion

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chapter Chapter 4|47 pages

The Linearization of the Equations of Motion

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chapter Chapter 5|25 pages

Computation and Properties of Maps

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chapter Chapter 6|19 pages

Linear Phase Space Motion

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chapter Chapter 7|27 pages

Imaging Devices

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chapter Chapter 8|18 pages

The Periodic Transport

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chapter Chapter 9|34 pages

Lattice Modules

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chapter Chapter 10|20 pages

Synchrotron Motion

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chapter Chapter 11|33 pages

*Resonances in Repetitive Systems

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