This self-contained book gives a detailed treatment of optimal control theory that enables readers to formulate and solve optimal control problems. With a strong emphasis on problem solving, it provides all the necessary mathematical analyses and derivations of important results, including multiplier theorems and Pontryagin's principle. The text presents various examples and basic concepts of optimal control and describes important numerical methods and computational algorithms for solving a wide range of optimal control problems, including periodic processes.

chapter Chapter 1|22 pages


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chapter Chapter 2|33 pages

Fundamental Concepts

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chapter Chapter 3|29 pages

Optimality in Optimal Control Problems

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chapter Chapter 4|35 pages

Lagrange Multipliers

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chapter Chapter 5|30 pages

Pontryagin’s Minimum Principle

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chapter Chapter 6|31 pages

Different Types of Optimal Control Problems

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chapter Chapter 7|49 pages

Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems

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chapter Chapter 8|32 pages

Optimal Periodic Control

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chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

Mathematical Review

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