Volume 1 of this revised and updated edition provides an accessible and practical introduction to the first gauge theory included in the Standard Model of particle physics: quantum electrodynamics (QED).The book includes self-contained presentations of electromagnetism as a gauge theory as well as relativistic quantum mechanics. It provides a uniqu

part I|111 pages

Introductory Survey, Electromagnetism as a Gauge Theory, and Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

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chapter 2|22 pages

Electromagnetism as a Gauge Theory

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chapter 3|24 pages

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

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part II|105 pages

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

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part III|78 pages

Tree-Level Applications in QED

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part IV|64 pages

Loops and Renormalization

chapter 10|28 pages

Loops and Renormalization I: The ABC Theory

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chapter 11|34 pages

Loops and Renormalization II: QED

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