Focusing on the recent proliferation of Wi-Fi in hospital systems, this book explains how Wi-Fi is transforming clinical work flows and infusing new life into the types of mobile devices being implemented in hospitals. Drawing on years of consulting with hospitals in the US and abroad, and with first-hand experiences from one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States, it covers the key areas associated with wireless network design, security, and support. Reporting on cutting-edge developments and emerging standards in Wi-Fi technologies, the book explores security implications for each device type. It covers real-time location services and emerging trends in cloud-based wireless architecture.

chapter 1|22 pages

Brief History of Wi-Fi

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chapter 2|23 pages

Wireless Architecture Considerations

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chapter 3|20 pages

Site Survey Process

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chapter 4|62 pages

Wireless Security Wi-Fi

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chapter 5|15 pages

Wireless Guest Services

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chapter 6|22 pages

Mobile Medical Devices

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chapter 7|36 pages

Voice over Wi-Fi

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chapter 8|12 pages

Real-Time Location Services

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chapter 9|18 pages

The Wireless Project Management Process

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chapter |20 pages

Support Considerations and Lifecycle

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chapter |13 pages

Emerging Trends and Technologies

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