Privacy for the Smart Grid provides easy-to-understand guidance on data privacy issues and the implications for creating privacy risk management programs, along with privacy policies and practices required to ensure Smart Grid privacy. It addresses privacy in electric, natural gas, and water grids from two different perspectives of the topic, one from a Smart Grid expert and another from a privacy and information security expert. While considering privacy in the Smart Grid, the book also examines the data created by Smart Grid technologies and machine-to-machine applications.

chapter 1|10 pages

The Smart Grid and Privacy

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chapter 2|32 pages

What Is the Smart Grid?

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chapter 3|11 pages

What Is Privacy?

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chapter 4|20 pages

Smart Meter Data and Privacy

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chapter 5|22 pages

The Connected Home

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chapter 7|33 pages

Mitigating Privacy Risks

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chapter 8|20 pages

How to Take Charge of Your Privacy

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chapter 9|17 pages

Transactive Energy

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chapter 10|6 pages

Addressing Common Privacy Claims

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