An essential tool for those planning to undertake social research, this exceptional book tackles many of the specific concerns and issues that arise.  A well structured text, it offers a comprehensive introduction to a range of important areas in project management, including:

  • commissioning research
  • preparing a tender or grant application
  • risk and stakeholder analysis
  • managing the field work and data analysis
  • financial management
  • ethics, confidentiality and copyright.

This book provides a unique source of guidance for anyone seeking to commission, manage or carry out social research. It will especially benefit researchers working in a variety of different contexts, including those in academia, central or local government, 'quangos', public bodies or private consulting companies.

chapter 1|15 pages


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chapter 2|12 pages

Stakeholder and risk analysis

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chapter 3|22 pages

Commissioning research

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chapter 4|19 pages

Applying for research funding

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chapter 5|7 pages

Negotiation to contract

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chapter 6|15 pages

Project planning

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chapter 7|13 pages

Research staff

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chapter 8|21 pages

Implementing the project

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chapter 9|14 pages


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chapter 11|14 pages

Ethics in social research

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chapter 12|3 pages


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