Tunnelling has become a fragmented process, excessively influenced by lawyers'notions of confrontational contractual bases. This prevents the pooling of skills, essential to the achievement of the promoters' objectives. Tunnelling: Management by Design seeks the reversal of this trend. After a brief historical treatment of selected developments, th

chapter |7 pages


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chapter 1|29 pages

Background to modern tunnelling

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chapter 2|33 pages

Design: the ubiquitous element

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chapter 3|27 pages


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chapter 4|34 pages

Studies and Investigations

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chapter 5|55 pages

Design of the tunnel project

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chapter 6|29 pages

Design of construction

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chapter 7|28 pages


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chapter 8|28 pages

Hazards, Disputes and their Resolution

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chapter 9|18 pages

Coda: the Heathrow Tunnel collapse

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