The 1930s saw the birth of the football idol - prototype for today's powerful media sport stars.
The players of the 1930s were the first generation of professionals, yet until recently the life and careers of footballers of this generation has been little studied. 

In 1930s Britain, football became increasingly commercialized, and the rise and development of both local and national media enabled players to become widely recognized outside of their immediate local context for the first time.

Tracing the origins, playing careers and 'afterlives' of several First Division players of the era, Graham Kelly's revealing history explores the reality of living in Britain between the wars and draws interesting comparisons with lives of the modern football hero today.

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chapter 3|9 pages

Footballers as employees

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chapter 4|11 pages

Directors, managers, trainers and coaches

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chapter 5|7 pages

Footballers’ lifestyles

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chapter 6|10 pages

Footballers and the media

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chapter 7|8 pages

Jack Atkinson – Bolton Wanderers

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chapter 8|8 pages

Bob Baxter – Middlesbrough

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chapter 9|10 pages

Harry Betmead – Grimsby Town

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chapter 10|12 pages

Jack Crayston – Arsenal

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chapter 11|12 pages

Billy Dale – Manchester City

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chapter 13|12 pages

Harold Hobbis – Charlton Athletic

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chapter 14|10 pages

Joe Mercer – Everton

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chapter 15|10 pages

Cliff Parker – Portsmouth

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chapter 17|3 pages


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