This is an expansive interpretation of New Orleans – America’s most unique city. Eckstein pursues meanings of the phrase ‘sustaining New Orleans’ from the images that remain through media activities to the competing demands of social justice.

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chapter 2|33 pages

“Indiscourageable Progress”

The Decline of the New Orleans Streetcar and the Rise of A Streetcar Named Desire
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chapter 3|32 pages

Sex and the Historic City

A Walking Tour on the Wild Side
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chapter 4|24 pages

Malaise and Miasms

Dr. Percy's Moviegoer and Public Health in New Orleans Environs
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chapter 5|27 pages

The Spectacle between Piety and Desire

The Place of New Orleans's Black Panthers and Ishmael Reed's Neo-HooDooism
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chapter 6|26 pages

The Vampires' Middle Passage

The World of Anne Rice and the Promise of New Orleans's Coast
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chapter 7|35 pages

Mapping the Spirit Region

Sister Helen, the Dead Men, and the Folk of New Orleans's Environs
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chapter 8|8 pages


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