Open Access in Theory and Practice investigates the theory-practice relationship in the domain of open access publication and dissemination of research outputs.

Drawing on detailed analysis of the literature and current practice in OA, as well as data collected in detailed interviews with practitioners, policymakers, and researchers, the book discusses what constitutes ‘theory’, and how the role of theory is perceived by both theorists and practitioners. Exploring the ways theory and practice have interacted in the development of OA, the authors discuss what this reveals about the nature of the OA phenomenon itself and the theory-practice relationship.

Open Access in Theory and Practice contributes to a better understanding of OA and, as such, should be of great interest to academics, researchers, and students working in the fields of information science, publishing studies, science communication, higher education policy, business, and economics. The book also makes an important contribution to the debate of the relationship between theory and practice in information science, and more widely across different fields of the social sciences and humanities

chapter |9 pages


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part 1|30 pages


chapter 1|18 pages

Open access

Beginnings and developments
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chapter 2|10 pages

Open access

Components and relationships
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part 2|36 pages


chapter 3|20 pages


Definitions and disciplines
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chapter 4|14 pages

Theory and practice

Relationships and gaps
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chapter 5|13 pages

Theory in open access studies

Scoping and analysing
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chapter 6|24 pages

Theory in open access studies

Using and generating
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chapter 7|26 pages

Theory in open access practice

Theorising and acting
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chapter 8|26 pages

Theory in open access practice

Engaging and evading
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chapter 9|27 pages

Theory and practice

Barriers and bridges
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chapter 10|20 pages

Open access

Debates and priorities
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part |10 pages


chapter 11|8 pages


Open access in theory and practice
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