This book attempts to equip the reader with a holistic and accessible account of Islam and evolution. It guides the reader through the different variables that have played a part in the ongoing dialogue between Muslim creationists and evolutionists.

This work views the discussion through the lens of al-Ghazālī (1058-1111), a widely-known and well-respected Islamic intellectual from the medieval period. By understanding al-Ghazālī as an Ash’arite theologian, a particular strand of Sunni theology, his metaphysical and hermeneutic ideas are taken to explore if and how much Neo-Darwinian evolution can be accepted. It is shown that his ideas can be used to reach an alignment between Islam and Neo-Darwinian evolution.

This book offers a detailed examination that seeks to offer clarity if not agreement in the midst of an intense intellectual conflict and polarity amongst Muslims. As such, it will be of great interest to scholars of Science and Religion, Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Studies, and Religious Studies more generally.

*Winner of the International Society for Science & Religion (ISSR) book prize 2022 (academic category)*

chapter |18 pages


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part 1|66 pages

Setting the context

chapter 201|45 pages

What evolution is and isn't

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chapter 2|19 pages

Christian responses to evolution

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part 2|92 pages

Islamic perspectives on evolution

chapter 863|19 pages

Islamic scripture and evolution

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chapter 4|49 pages

Muslim opinions on evolution

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part 3|88 pages

Metaphysical considerations

chapter 1786|33 pages

Chance, naturalism, and inefficiency

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chapter 7|25 pages

Intelligent design

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chapter 8|28 pages

Morality and evolution

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part 4|73 pages

Hermeneutic considerations

chapter 2669|29 pages

Al-Ghazālī's hermeneutics

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