The book examines the power of young people’s social relationships in schools to transform, or more often, to continue, differences that pervade societies: mind-body-emotional diff erences or Special Educational Needs and Disability, gender, poverty, race/ethnicity, sexuality and their intersections. The book details extensive qualitative research with young people, foregrounding their accounts.

In challenging educators and others to engage with young people’s own agencies and to make space for their socialities, the concepts of embodied social and emotional capital and young people as contextual bodies/subjectivities/agencies are developed, emphasising both young people’s agencies and how these are socio-spatially situated, constrained and enabled. The book is most concerned with how and when young people challenge and change enduring differences. The concept of ‘immersive geographies’ outlines the potential of change inherent in the repeated coming together of the same people in space, doing similar things that are, however, always provisional and always with the potential to be done diff erently. Examples of when diff erence is transformed are presented.

The book marks a major interdisciplinary contribution to geographies and social studies of children, youth and education, child development, social work, social policy and education studies. Furthermore, it is of appeal to anyone interested in young people, social reproduction and sociality: from educators, policy makers, youth workers and social workers to parents.

chapter 1|22 pages

The spaces and power of young people's friendships

Immersive geographies
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chapter 2|12 pages

Methods, approaches, contexts

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chapter 3|21 pages

Young people's friendships and power

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chapter 4|19 pages

Immersive geographies

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chapter 5|11 pages

Young people's friendships

Embodied, emotional and social capital
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chapter 6|28 pages

Young people as nodes of the intergenerational reproduction of enduring differences

(Re)producing subjectivities
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chapter 7|12 pages

Immersive geographies and imminent transformation

Young people's powerful socialities – the power to challenge and change enduring inequalities
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chapter 8|22 pages

Constraining and enabling young people's power

Reflections on the social-spatial contexts of schools
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chapter 9|7 pages


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