The unprecedented rate of global, technological, and societal change calls for a radical, new understanding of literacy. This book offers a nuanced framework for making sense of literacy by addressing knowledge as contextualised, embodied, multimodal, and digitally mediated.

In today’s world of technological breakthroughs, social shifts, and rapid changes to the educational landscape, literacy can no longer be understood through established curriculum and static text structures. To prepare teachers, scholars, and researchers for the digital future, the book is organised around three themes – Mind and Materiality; Body and Senses; and Texts and Digital Semiotics – to shape readers’ understanding of literacy. Opening up new interdisciplinary themes, Mills, Unsworth, and Scholes confront emerging issues for next-generation digital literacy practices. The volume helps new and established researchers rethink dynamic changes in the materiality of texts and their implications for the mind and body, and features recommendations for educational and professional practice.

chapter 1|19 pages

Introduction: Beyond education for Industry 4.0

Next-generation literacies
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part I|64 pages

Mind and materiality

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part II|62 pages

Body and senses

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chapter 7|22 pages

Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality

New literate bodies
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part III|92 pages

Texts and digital semiotics

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chapter 10|23 pages

Digital interactive literature

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