This textbook provides an accessible introduction to the field of translation for students of other disciplines and readers who are not translators. It provides students outside the translation profession with a greater awareness of, and appreciation for, what goes into translation. Providing readers with tools for their own personal translation-related needs, this book encourages an ethical approach to translation and offers an insight into translation as a possible career.

This textbook covers foundational concepts; key figures, groups, and events; tools and resources for non-professional translation tasks; and the types of translation that non-translators are liable to encounter. Each chapter includes practical activities, annotated further reading, and summaries of key points suitable for use in classrooms, online teaching, or self-study. There is also a glossary of key terms.

De-mystifying Translation: Introducing Translation to Non-translators is the ideal text for any non-specialist taking a course on translation and for anyone interested in learning more about the field of translation and translation studies.

The Open Access version of this book, available at https://www.taylorfrancis.com, has been made available under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA) license.

chapter |8 pages


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chapter 1|16 pages

Basic concepts and terms in translation

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chapter 2|14 pages

Brief history of translation

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chapter 3|20 pages

The translation profession today

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chapter 4|18 pages

Words, terms, and lexical resources

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chapter 5|15 pages

Other tools and resources

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chapter 6|19 pages

Machine translation

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chapter 7|16 pages


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chapter 8|12 pages

Adaptation and transcreation

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chapter 10|16 pages

Audiovisual translation

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chapter 11|17 pages


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chapter |8 pages


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