Drug-Acceptor Interactions: Modeling theoretical tools to test and evaluate experimental equilibrium effects suggests novel theoretical tools to test and evaluate drug interactions seen with combinatorial drug therapy. The book provides an in-depth, yet controversial, exploration of existing tools for analysis of dose-response studies at equilibrium or steady state. The book is recommended reading for post-graduate students and researchers engaged in the study of systems biology, networks, and the pharmacodynamics of natural or industrial drugs, as well as for medical clinicians interested in drug application and combinatorial drug therapy. Even people without mathematical skills will be able to follow the pros and cons of reaction schemes and their related distribution equations. Chapter 9 is a hands-on guide for software to plot, fit and analyze one’s own data.

chapter 1|1 pages

1A prelude

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chapter I|3 pages

4 Equilibrium and its formulation

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chapter 1|28 pages

Simple agonism

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chapter 2|28 pages

Simple ant-agonism — simple intervention

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chapter II|1 pages

1 Two-state models?

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chapter II|1 pages

3 Intervention and modulation

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chapter 5|30 pages

Complex agonism

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chapter 7|44 pages

Cubic reaction schemes. ATSM and HOTSM

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chapter III|1 pages

1 Limitations of transformed plots

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chapter III|1 pages

3 Stepping on the chips

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chapter III|2 pages

7 Contents of part III

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chapter 8|20 pages

Choosing and formulating relevant schemes

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chapter 9|24 pages

Plots, fits and data interpretation

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chapter 10|26 pages

Hill in hell

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chapter 11|16 pages

The Schild against other theories

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chapter 12|30 pages

Ties between synergy and two-state models

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chapter IV|2 pages

1 Flicks and forces at a nano-scale

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chapter 13|22 pages

Strategies of biological regulation

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chapter 14|24 pages

On allostery and co-operativity

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chapter 15|35 pages

Allostery and development of its models

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