Social scientists have only recently begun to explore the link between health and political engagement. Understanding this relationship is vitally important from both a scholarly and a policy-making perspective.

This book is the first to offer a comprehensive account of health and political engagement. Using both individual-level and country-level data drawn from the European Social Survey, World Values Survey and new Finnish survey data, it provides an extensive analysis of how health and political engagement are connected. It measures the impact of various health factors on a wide range of forms of political engagement and attitudes and helps shed light on the mechanisms behind the interaction between health and political engagement.

This text is of key interest scholars, students and policy-makers in health, politics, and democracy, and more broadly in the social and health and medical sciences.

chapter 1|14 pages


Health and political engagement
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chapter 2|18 pages

Theoretical framework

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chapter 3|20 pages

Health and political participation

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chapter 4|14 pages

Health and political orientations

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chapter 5|17 pages

Health and the social context

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chapter 7|13 pages

Health and political representation

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chapter 8|8 pages


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