Childhood Abuse, Body Shame, and Addictive Plastic Surgery explores the psychopathology that plastic surgeons can encounter when seemingly excellent surgical candidates develop body dysmorphic disorder postoperatively. By examining how developmental abuse and neglect influence body image, personality, addictions, resilience, and adult health, this highly readable book uncovers the childhood sources of body dysmorphic disorder. Written from the unique perspective of a leading plastic surgeon with extensive experience in this area and featuring many poignant clinical vignettes and groundbreaking trauma research, this heavily referenced text offers a new explanation for body dysmorphic disorder that provides help for therapists and surgeons and hope for patients.

part The First Piece|62 pages

The Tip of the Thread

chapter 1|32 pages

Where the Thread Began

What Surgeons Learn From Patients and Their Families
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part The Second Piece|68 pages

The Roots

chapter 3|35 pages

The Valley of the Shadow

Core Issues and Parenting
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chapter 4|31 pages

Body Image and Body Image Disorders

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part The Third Piece|62 pages

The Fruits

chapter 5|32 pages

The Ways We Suffer

Body Shame and the Astounding Spectrum of Its Ravages
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chapter 6|28 pages

The Ways We Medicate

Addictions and Behaviors Most Relevant to Body Image
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part The Fourth Piece|66 pages

How Nature Copes

chapter 7|42 pages

The Effects of Trauma on Brain and Body

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chapter 8|22 pages

Behavior, PTSD, and Surgical Compulsion in Plastic Surgery Patients

Trailing the Trauma Prevalence
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part The Fifth Piece|55 pages

Toward the End of the Thread

chapter 10|24 pages


The Antidote and the Inspiration
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chapter |3 pages


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