This seminal work focuses on human development from middle childhood to middle adulthood, through analysis of the research findings of the groundbreaking Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study of Personality and Social Development (JYLS). The JYLS project, which began in 1968, has generated extensive publications over many years but this is the first comprehensive summary that presents the conceptual framework, the research design and methodology, and the findings. The study looks at the development over time of issues related to personality, identity, health, anti-social behavior, and well-being and is unparalleled in its duration, intensity, comprehensiveness and psychological richness.

The thorough synthesis of this study illustrates that there are different paths to adulthood and that human development cannot be described in average terms. The 42-year perspective that the JYLS provides shows the developmental consequences of children’s differences in socioemotional behavior over time, and the great significance of children’s positive socioemotional behavior for their further development until middle age.

Not only will the book be an invaluable tool for those considering research methods and analysis on large datasets, it is ideal reading for students on lifespan courses and researchers methodologically interested in longitudinal research.

part I|44 pages

Introduction to the Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study of ­Personality and Social Development

chapter 1|13 pages

How the Longitudinal Study Began

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chapter 2|23 pages

The Execution of the Longitudinal Study

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chapter 3|6 pages

Reflections on the Research Process

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part II|108 pages

The development of personality and psychological functioning

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chapter 5|41 pages

The Person as Social Actor

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chapter 6|20 pages

The Person as Motivated Agent

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chapter 8|11 pages

Personality and Psychological Functioning

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part III|100 pages

The development of ­social functioning

chapter 9|8 pages

Social Development and Social Functioning

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chapter 10|24 pages

Problems in Social Functioning

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chapter 11|18 pages

Health Behavior

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chapter 12|16 pages

The Family and Its Care Functions

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chapter 13|30 pages

Work as a Sphere of Life

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part IV|20 pages


chapter 14|7 pages

Navigating Through the Spheres of Life

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chapter 16|4 pages

A Credo

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