Paper C1 in our collection of modern papers is by François Grandjean. This paper is not so modern, dating as it does back to 1917. It outlines the first successful attempt at what we now call a molecular field theory for nematic liquid crystals. Grandjean is quite explicit in attempting to follow the ideas of Langevin and Weiss, who had created a molecular field theory of magnetism. In Section A we have seen how Max Born1 attempted to do the same thing, and developed a theory of a ferroelectric liquid, which was rejected on experimental grounds. In essence, Grandjean developed the theory we use today, albeit using a slightly different notation. However, sadly, in fact this paper played no role in the subsequent development of the subject, because it remained unread and almost uncited. We postpone discussion of the reason for this, so that we can examine paper C1 together with paper C3, to which it bears an uncanny resemblance. At that stage we shall also attempt to compare and contrast their relative fates.