Many tropical fruits other than the well-known bananas and pineapples have increased in economic value. Mango is one of the most popular and best known tropical fruits. The avocado pear is cultivated in nearly all tropical and subtropical countries. Bacuri is a thick-skinned fruit that has commercial significance in the Amazon region. Cupuacu an Amazonian fruit, pos sesses a white-yellow pulp with an acid taste and a strong smell. Muruci is a yellow fruit smaller than a cherry. The Prickly Pear flavor of the fruit pulp is describes as "light and melon-like". The rose-apple originating from the East Indies, is known to possess a sweet and rosy flavor. The Soursop is a fruit native to tropical America and the West Indies. Mangosteen a native of Malaysia, is widely grown in and around the Indian subcontinent. Taperebá is an Amazonian fruit with a thin skin and a yellow-orange color.