Nuts have worldwide appeal mainly because many species can be grown over major land masses having climatic conditions ranging from tropical to temperate. Among nuts, the coconut is unique in that the liquid inside fresh coconuts, commonly called coconut milk, can also serve as a beverage, while the meat can serve as a nut source and be consumed either fresh, dried, or roasted. Among nut varieties, chestnuts are unique in that they are low in fat as well as being soft shelled. One group reported upon the compounds and sensory properties found in the oil of raw Brazil nuts. Peanut storage conditions before roasting have been shown to significantly influence peanut composition and thus the resulting roasted peanut flavor. A brief note has appeared identifying some of the compounds associated with both the basic and neutral flavor fractions isolated from roasted pistachio nuts. Pecans are another highly desirable tree nut that can be consumed either raw or roasted.