Rice is one of the leading food crops of the world. Rice bran has a characteristic, unattractive odor when it is boiled in water. Wild rice belongs to another genus but to the same tribe as "normal rice". The cooking flavor of parboiled rice is characteristically different from that of unparboiled rice. Parboiled rice Paddy processed by steaming or soaking in water, heating, and drying. Scented rice has a stronger and more characteristic aroma than traditional rice. Rough rice or paddy Rice in the husk after threshing. Major scented rice varieties are Basmati in southeastern Asia, Della in the United States, and Hieri in Japan. Coated rice Rice milled to a high degree and then coated with a foreign substance, such as glucose or talcum. Most compounds in these neutral fractions had also been found in cooked and unprocessed rice.