This chapter provides information on the fruits that have been subdivided into pome, stone, and berry fruits according to customs of trade. Fruits with their delicate flavors were among the first objects investigated by flavor chemists. A considerable number of individual volatiles have been reported to be major contributors to the aroma of apples. The commercially important stone fruits belong to the genus Prunus in the subfamily Prunoideae. The flavor compounds of banana develop in a typical manner after the climacteric peak has been reached. The content of free monoterpenes, often used to differentiate between grape cultivars, must be regarded as a function of the grape's ability to transform them into flavorless forms. The volatile constituents of cultivars of muskmelon were isolated by various procedures; due to a rapid wounding-induced formation of secondary volatiles, completely different results have been reported. The importance of advances in flavor isolation and separation techniques is demonstrated on fresh apricot flavor.