Additives, or so-called inerts, are used by the primary formulators of agricultural pesticides. Adjuvants are defined as formulated compounds used to enhance the effectiveness of the active pesticide. These adjuvants are also referred to as tank mix additives as they are mixed with the formulated pesticides at the point of field crop application. Their function is to improve the efficacy of the active pesticide ingredient by optimizing its delivery or placement onto the target plant or insect, by increasing retention time, penetration, and wetting, and by plant uptake or translocation. The functions of the various inerts are to assist in getting the active ingredients or toxicants into aqueous or solvent solutions, to get them more easily onto the target plant or insect, and to aid in their pesticidal effectiveness. Proper use of an adjuvant can provide a more uniform application of the active ingredient upon a specific target and allow for better mixing of organic solvent and aqueous systems.