The qualities of glycerine which make it useful in the formulation of clear gels and sticks arc, of course, related to its complete water miscibility, cosolubilizing properties, and viscosity. A good example of the use of glycerine on restoring "moisture," or structural integrity, to damaged hair is found in the work of G. P. Newell in a series of patents concerning a method for restoring normal moisture level to hair with moisture deficiency. A contrast to the standard way of using glycerine in emulsions, workers at Shiseido have made emulsions with an external oily phase and very high levels of glycerine in the internal phase. In addition to the glycerine and mineral oil type of basic skin cream/lotion is another basic recipe called the "vanishing" cream product. Cleansing creams have been broken down into two general categories: emulsion creams and lotions, and the "liquefying" type which are usually anhydrous in character consisting of a mixture of hydrocarbon oils and waxes.