ABSTRACT: The contemporary issue of unsustainable human behaviour and activity pertaining to water related disasters has frequently provoked international debate. The major question arising as a result of this discourse is whether we have comprehensive and common ethics to cope with disasters? This chapter serves as an attempt-rather than a general guidance-to advance various answers to this question and to incite future research in order to thrive towards the ethics of water disasters management. Further, the author aims at exploring ethics in the water disaster context and enabling a practical guide in water resources management. The results indicate that different ethical scales do exist, though they are frequently practiced subconsciously. Eventually, this essay illustrates that till date a coherent water ethics is almost nonexistent or is in its nascent stage. Hence, the author strongly encourages further and more in-depth research in this field with the intention that a universal water ethics could emerge and water issues would thus be treated in a truly integrated way including the specific ethics of management of water related disasters.