ABSTRACT: Within the framework of the National Drought Observatory, the Ministry of the Environment of Spain set up an Expert Committee in September 2005. The ultimate goal of this initiative was to produce a document that would serve as a useful reference tool in the near future and that could contribute, in some ways, to adapting Spanish water policy to the present circumstances. Eighteen months later, the work undertaken by the Expert Committee was published in a document titled ‘‘La Sequía en España. Directrices para Minimizar su Impacto’’ (Drought in Spain: Guidelines for Minimizing Impact) [https://www.forosequia.com]. The document is comprised of 12 papers signed individually by members of the Committee and 28 conclusions agreed upon unanimously by all of them. These conclusions also appear in full at the end of this chapter. The authors of this chapter-both of whom were part of the Expert Committee-share their own reflections on drought and drought management. Different aspects such as the development of drought impact matrixes, drought impact assessment and strategies designed to mitigate drought have been discussed here.