ABSTRACT: There are many uses for traffic characteristics and traffic volume data. Major uses of data vary from pavement design, roadway geometric design, traffic signal design, and pavement management to advanced traveler information systems. Users of this data vary from planning and road design consultants to commercial roadside advertisers. Temporal and spatial variations in vehicular traffic have been known for several decades. It is only in the past two decades that the availabilty of modern technology allowed the traffic professionals to collect enough data to begin understanding these characteristics. This paper presents results of the continuous count stations of the urban roadways in Kuwait. Peak hour volume, annual average daily traffic volume, hourly variations, daily variations, and monthly variations are presented in the paper. The results of this study are expected to be of immense benefit to many agencies which need traffic information as input to their planning and/or engineering analyses. Such agencies include the Ministry of Pubic Works, Ministry of Interior, Municipality, Public Authority for Housing Care, as well as Planning and Engineering Consultants in the Arabian Gulf countries in general and in Kuwait in particular.