Over the years, the popularity of social network platforms has increased alarmingly as they are castoff by people for expression of thoughts. Platforms are also used by firms for acknowledgment of numerous opportunities which would lead to the fulfillment of their objectives. The demand for information by firms brings out its fundamental inclinations and dependences that would largely affect performance of the firms. Business intelligence systems are used for obtaining these perceptions. The systems aimed in the derivation of actionable information from social media platforms for the provision of managerial decision-making are demonstrated as social business intelligence (SBI) systems. Numerous queries being raised ranging from ways firms process the external data, the management information derived from new data sources and successful implication of the SBI. In this chapter, we had presented a review of the entire process of business intelligence and then brought out insights on how this platform is used in order to undertake any decision by means of the social network. This work is purely a review paper.