This chapter identifies the interaction of sedimentary processes in the geotechnical stratigraphic record for both depositional environments. It addresses the common effects between two different sediment types regarding these interactions. Developing an understanding of sediment depositional processes and the relationship between successive deposits is the purpose of stratigraphic research. Stratigraphic descriptions have enabled scientists to gain insight into geologic history through events recorded by the formation of sedimentary sequences. The descriptive analysis of geotechnical properties in a vertical sequence represents the basic concept of stratigraphic analysis. Stratigraphy is the descriptive study of the relationship, in terms of time and space, of a defined set of characteristics in a sedimentary or rock column. Description of the geotechnical stratigraphy of two basically diverse environments. First, it tests the applicability of this qualitative scheme of analysis for sediments of different types and histories. Secondly, it creates an initial basis for comparison with subsequent studies into more diverse and select sedimentary conditions.