Cyber-entrepreneur has been well regarded as an important career option since the number of unemployed in Malaysia keeps increasing. The youth contributes to the highest number of unemployed. Despite many studies explored on self-entrepreneur, there are only few studies that focused on the readiness and willingness to become an internet-based self-entrepreneur and none using Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation (EAO) model. Hence, focus of this study is to explore the cyber-entrepreneurial intentions of the Malaysian University students using the EAO scale to measure the students’ entrepreneurial attitude. A survey approach is adopted by distributing questionnaires to 2000 students in Malaysia. The results confirmed that self-esteem, innovation and personal control have significant and positive relationships with cyber-entrepreneurial intention. Achievement, on the other hand, is significant but negative relationship. These findings provide an important insight to relevant parties to embed more cyber-entrepreneurial workshop to educate universities students in building their self-confidence and skills.