Today, the increasing necessity for integrating Renewable Energy Resources (RERs) in electric power generation resolves the existing dependency on imported fossil fuel (FF) resources. The need to protect nature and minimize the environmental contamination brought about by FF emissions has prompted the inescapable certainty of utilizing incorporated RESs in current microgrids. An microgrid is a practical approach to interlink DGRs to the electric grid. There are alternating current (AC), direct current (DC), and hybrid AC/DC microgrids, which are deliberated in this chapter. A hybrid AC/DC microgrid is wildly accepted and is a gateway to improve the framework reliability and previously stated issues. To emphasize the aspects, this chapter discusses the benefits, configuration, and comparison of the various operation of microgrids with island and grid-connected modes. Power electronics converters adapted in MGs with RERs in real-time applications are also discussed. A detailed comparison is provided between AC and DC microgrids for their configuration benefits.