Our present society craves for moveable and long lifespan electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPods, laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, fags displays electronic papers, etc. These devices need to be lightweight, inexpensive and eco-friendly with a long lifespan. Transition metal compounds are evolving and becoming the most promising electrode materials for electrochemical capacitors also known as supercapacitors due to their attractive redox properties arising from variable oxidation states and numerous ions exchange. This device is a promising energy storage system nowadays and possesses a very great specific capacitance and power density. As an electrode material, transition metal compounds usually display extraordinary capacitance, obvious high energy densities. This chapter presents the review of the recent growth, successes, weaknesses, challenges and possible solutions as it affects the use of transition metal compounds in supercapacitors and electrodes for enhancing the performance of the supercapacitor device.