Digitalization and building information modelling (BIM) provide efficiency for facilities management teams to help manage information during the operations and maintenance (O&M) phase of building usage. BIM as a promising solution empowers facilities management teams to take control and improve the long-term efficiency and performance of their facilities. This chapter provides an overview of building information modelling (BIM) and how it can be applied to facilities management. The objective of the chapter is to enable facility managers, owners, and students to read and navigate the BIM tool, and to impart knowledge of best building information modelling practices and techniques so to improve facilities management practices. It details the applications of BIM in facilities management practices and their benefits and associated challenges. This chapter also focuses on the main challenge of information exchange and interoperability between BIM and facilities management systems. A teaching map is provided to enable educators to include facility management–based BIM in their curriculums in terms of the prerequisite knowledge, the 6D BIM process, and BIM and advanced ICT technology integrations.